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Where am I?

On a public online platform for discussion and knowledge sharing in the field of AI. In other words, you're in a place where AI enthusiasts, newbies, and experts meet to solve the problems of building and harnessing AI. It's where the future of AI and its existential benefits to humankind are decided.

Here you can participate in challenges such as ARCathon and ARCreate, and create and join groups, discussions, and online events related to AI. In the global race for AI, every idea is worth spreading!

Why Lab42 Community?

Lab42 is a global AI lab committed to positive technological progress for the benefit of humanity. For this change to take place, it is necessary to bundle creativity and intelligent ideas from AI enthusiasts around the world. Community Lab42 is an open space for uncomplicated collaboration and exchange of thoughts, news, ideas, and approaches to solve the Lab42 challenges.

Let’s go over the basics of the community platform and help you get started! 
Take time to read our Community Manual below.

Community at a glance

Lab42 for Humankind

Lab42 Community a space for knowledge and news exchange between people interested in the progress of AI.
Browse through the various groups and events, trend topics and discussions about AI, and track progress reports on our lively Lab42 challenges.

Lab42 for Humankind

Lab42 Community Manual

To help you get started and become part of our community, we've created this guiding manual about how to create an account, how to post contents or discussions, create groups and events, suggest new feature ideas and more!

The site is continually being improved, so if you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to get in touch via email or on our Contact page here.