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Scientific progress is stubborn. Human-level AI could turn the tides for better health and life conditions for everyone on the planet. This vision needs you! 

Lab42 is a global AI lab committed to positive technological progress for the benefit of humanity. With our community we confront the great challenges toward AI that can reason and learn like humans. The resulting tools could guide humanity into a new golden age. Through AI, Lab42 aims at reducing worldwide diseases, hunger and environmental catastrophes.  

Be part of history and help solving the problems of machine abstract thinking and reasoning. Form a team with your colleagues and join our ARCathon! 

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Today, the path towards human-level AI still lies hidden to scientists around the globe. This is why Lab42 is a global science platform, organizing challenges and virtual think tanks to find new approaches and solutions. We believe in interdisciplinary and intercultural collaboration! 

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Join our community today and spark your interest for AI and its applications. The best way to start is to participate in ARCathon or ARCreate

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